Wealthy Affiliate University Review – The Full Experience

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Today I am going to share with you my Wealthy Affiliate University review, what you are going to learn and what to do to maximise your learning.

To get the most out of any university, we need 3 things – the learning, the experience and the application.

After that, the value of your education will manifest, when you venture out into the world outside, and apply what you have learnt and transform it into your lifelong wealth.

Wealthy Affiliate University 

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The Structure

  • » Consists of 5 levels of 10 lessons each

    » Teaches you from the ground up how to create a successful online business

    » Choose a niche

    » Own your domain

    » Build a wordpress website 

    » Create quality content for your niche

    » How to do SEO

    » How to make earnings online

    » How to scale your business

  • » Consists of 7 levels of 10 lessons each

    » Teaches you how to do affiliate marketing from scratch

    » Profitable program with all knowledge and tools in place

    » Leverage on the Wealthy Affiliate community

    » Build an authority website

    » Make it to Vegas! (Special incentive program)

Which one should you do first?

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course 

~ Focus on Niche ~

If you have a particular interest or skill, something you are good at, or have a lot of knowledge about, and you can help people solve problems or alleviate pains, that can be your niche.

If you have a niche, it is recommended that you do the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course first.

This is the course that will teach you from the basics, up to the advanced level, how to build a professional and successful website, with monetization along the process.

Online Entrepreneur Certification course outline1

No knowledge nor experience in the online marketing field is required, as the course gets you started, from the ground up.

Level 1 shows you the basics. Once you gain the basic knowledge, you are on the journey to creating an online successful business for yourself.

Affiliate Bootcamp

~ Focus on Affiliate Marketing ~

This course is suitable for 2 types of people:

  • If you have no niche yet
  • If you wish to start with affiliate marketing right away

The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Course Outline

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Affiliate Revenue

As an affiliate to the program, you can start earning right away, even if you are on the free membership. Get a breakdown of your potential earnings here.


Start Your Undergraduate Journey Today

The Team

Course Materials

§ Study Guides

» Video walkthroughs

» Written information

» Interactive task learning

» Classroom discussions

» Real time discussions

§ Hands-on Website Building

» Free Websites

» Free Domains

» Free Hosting

§ Additional Tools

» Site Health

» Site Plus

» Site Speed

» Site SSL (HTTPS)

» Site Protect (Spam Blocker)

» Site Manager

» Site Builder

» Site Domains

» Site Content

» Site Comments

» Site Feedback

» Site Support

» Personal blog

» Personal inbox


Start Your Undergraduate Journey Today


I can’t say there is a point where you really graduate because the internet is forever changing.

Continual learning is required to keep up and Kyle & Carson are the guys who are constantly one step of others in the industry.

New features and new functions are added all the time. In the first 6 months of this year 2017, two major features were added in Wealthy Affiliate, the Site Speed and Site Content.

As the name implies, Site Speed helps to speed up the loading time of your website without any of the caching plugins, and Site Content is a way to help you with writing your articles, faster, longer and on the go.

Course Fees

Membership Fees Table


Start Your Undergraduate Journey Today

Maximise Your Learning

I mentioned above that you can do 3 things to get the most out of the Wealthy Affiliate University.

1.    Learn

Take the lessons seriously and follow tutorials to a T. The key trainers are success stories themselves and their knowledge and experiences should be tapped into.

2.   Experience

Move around the university, meet fellow students and the alumni members. Some have been here more than 10 years. Have personal chats with them and experience the community for yourself.

3.   Apply

Lastly and most importantly, use the tools and materials provided to you and start-off immediately.

Top 10 Tools in WA To Build A Successful Website

Under the free membership, you can 2 free domains with free hosting. There is no cost at all for you to get started.

Build your website now

How To Write Good Content For A Website Readers Couldn’t Get Enough of

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Have you heard of the phrase “Content is King”? Then you might wonder how to write good content for a website, how do you actually write contents that attract the eyeballs and entice people to read?

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8 Ways To Create Killer Content

1. Let your personality shine through

I am going to ask a very stupid question here:

Do you like to read textbooks?

Surely most would answer “No”, as textbooks are dry and uninteresting, and why is that so? The reason is because textbooks mostly provide generic information and lack personality and that bores people to the skull.

I prefer to write in a more personal manner, I like to talk to people and I write as if I am talking to you. Does my personality show through here? 🙂

If you are funny, inject your article with humor and make your readers laugh. If you are better with pictures than words, write less and take more pictures. If you cannot write at all, do a video with mime actions. You get my point?

What makes each individual interesting is we all have different characters and thinking processes. The human brain is so complex that it is able to link up to different experiences and make different connections.

That’s what makes this world a diversified and fun place to be in.

Another way of showing your personality is by sharing stories. These could be:

(1) Your real-life experiences

(2) Something you have heard from others and you have an opinion about

(3) Thoughts and ideas which you pulled out of the air but which will attract readers

2. Use Enticing Images

Do you instantly feel calm looking at the above picture? Sometimes a picture really conveys a message where words fail. Of course, when I said “enticing images” I don’t mean anything suggestive or unbecoming.

Look at the pictures below, and feel the different kinds of emotions they invoke. Can you tell me what makes them enticing?

Contrast between life and death


Swing over freedom


The Flight


Romance in the evening


Toppling teacup

If you add appropriate images into your article, you are adding value to your contents and ultimately you are increasing the overall user experience of your visitors.

3. Add in Videos

Videos will always attract clicks, there is just something enticing about that little triangle that makes us want to click it.

If you click on the above video, that proves my point.

Do this experiment now, when you log on to a news website or any social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), watch how often you yourself click on videos to watch. Got an idea of your video-viewing habits?

If you are a representative of the vast audience out there, how many people do you think are watching videos at any given minute? Also how many people are actively creating videos these days with the ease of taking videos with our smartphones?

If you have taken any video, your website is the perfect place to showcase them!

Sidenote: If you upload videos directly onto your website, it is going to take a lot of bandwidth and may slow down your site considerably. What I would advise is to upload them onto Youtube or other video websites, then linking or embedding the videos to your site.

Learning how to create a good video would be a useful skill to acquire, but before you master this skill, you might want to know how to put a video together without recording your own (see my example above).

4. Do research

Hard work pays off, be responsible for your content.

When I first did my Wealthy Affiliate review, I wrote everything from my own personal point of view, making sure to add in my honest feelings, the pros and cons, the good and the bad etc.

I wrote a thorough review because I have a firsthand experience of this awesome community.

It wasn’t so smooth going for the next product review I did because I have not used it before. Before writing it, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write.

I decided to do an extensive research and after a few days of reading and analyzing, I expose it as a scam based on my own research. I did not claim that I signed up for a particular course and was scammed.

The conclusion was purely based on my own extensive research, which I made sure was as thorough as possible. Read the full review here.

So, what do you write a review for a product that you have never used before?

First Rule: Be honest

If you have not use a product before, do not claim to do so. Readers are discerning and anything untrue will get exposed very soon. Dishonesty is the fastest way to damage your reputation and any trust you have built up.

Second Rule: Always follow the First Rule

I couldn’t stress that enough.

Third Rule: Be Informative

You can write a review based on your own research and findings, based on others’ reviews, based on figures and statistics etc. You are providing a service for your readers by taking the load of research off their shoulders.

5. Leverage On Existing Quality Posts

If you have been building your website for a while and posting articles regularly, you would have some pillar articles already. These are the evergreen contents which are most useful to your readers and they are of high quality.

If you have a few of these quality posts, you can always leverage on them by writing related posts around similar topics and then linking to it.

Advantages of linking to your own posts:

  Builds up your own knowledge, the more you research on a topic, the more you know and when you share this knowledge with your readers, you gain credibility

♥  It works wonders for your website SEO and increasing your ranking

Bonus Tip #1

6. How To Write Your About Page

The purpose of the About page is simply to tell your readers Who You Are. This is your self-introduction to the world. Let’s do a practice run now.


  1. Stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Put on your best smile.
  3. Answer the following questions.

What’s the one thing you like to tell your readers?

What do you want them to know about you?

Have some experience you like to share, a story that motivated you? Share it here.

Unveil the mystery, let your readers see a real face behind the scenes. Whether your self-introduction is short or long, it doesn’t matter. The point is to establish trust with your readers.

Quick tip: Putting up a picture of yourself in the introduction is a battle half-won


Bonus Tip #2

7. Be a Creator

(and not just a follower)

Here’s a little poem to illustrate:



Bonus Tip #3

8. Always have fun


When you enjoy what you do, you will never run out of ideas. Learn from the prolific writers.

How To Do SEO For A Website The Proper Way and 7 Essential Tools To Improve Ranking

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To find out how to do SEO for a website, let’s first find out what is SEO and what is the purpose of SEO.

After we get the basics out of the way, I will be sharing with you the 7 Must-Have SEO Tools, do SEO the proper way and do it right from start.

Ready? Let’s get into it.

What is SEO?

(Definition sourced from searchengineland)

With SEO, there is no payment involved, visitors find your website mainly through searching for relevant keywords.

Purpose of SEO

Get on to page 1 of Google / Yahoo / Bing or any other search engines.

When you are on Page 1 of Google:

  • People find your website easily
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Higher traffic volume = More income
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7 Essential SEO Tools

~ Never go without them ~



1. Google

~ Your Virtual Keyword Assistant ~

If you are trying to rank on Google, of course Google will be the No. 1 must-have tool. As one of the most widely-used search engine,s Google acts as a database of most websites.

The only method any person in this world uses to find a website is by searching for keywords. To get your website noticed by Google, the first step would be to keep Google informed of your new website as well as any updates.

This is usually done through the Google Webmasters Tool by submitting your sitemap to Google. This is like a roadmap pointing Google in the right direction as to where to find your website, and how to navigate within it.

After you have submitted your sitemap, your website will get indexed very soon.

Indexed vs Ranked

When you are indexed – you are in the official directory of Google

When you are ranked – Google regards your website trustworthy and places you in a higher position for the related search terms

2. Keyword Research

~ A Powerful SEO Method ~

Now that you understand the importance of Google, the next thing to focus on would be doing your keyword research.

Do you know what people are searching for? Do you know the latest trends or the popular items that people are looking for?

We will get this information from doing keyword research. Having a powerful keyword research tool will save you a lot of time and trouble here, and will help you quickly determine the best long-tail keywords to use.

Find Keywords Now!

3. Webmasters Tool

~ Instant SEO ~

I personally recommend using a Wordpress plugin for this. Connect your Wordpress site with the Webmaster Tools and most of the settings are automated from there.

Within each page/post, you can simply input the meta-title and meta-description and that’s it. Saves you a lot of time and effort.

The plugin I recommend is All-in-one SEO.

Master the Webmasters Tool and use it to your advantage. I have devoted an article on how to set up the Webmasters Tool and some of the basic usage and other tips and tricks.

For installation of plugins, check out my Wordpress training.


Get more tips on SEO, join Wealthy Affiliate!

4. Images & Videos

~ Capture the Eyeballs ~

Imagine reading pages and pages of text with no pictures to break the monotony, you will be driving people away from your website instead of getting the desired traffic. Having images between your text always improve readability and thus retaining your readers.

There is an algorithm called the “bounce rate” which will affect your ranking. When visitors on your site are not attracted by the contents and they click away (“bounce away”), Google is going to draw the conclusion that your website is not useful nor attractive enough, thus having a high bounce rate is going to lower your ranking.

This is where images and videos are powerful tools to use to retain visitors.

People love looking at interesting pictures and there is something about the triangular play button on videos that always entices people to click on it.

So if you have eye-catching images and interesting videos, make sure to use them appropriately in your website.


5. Links

~ Making Connections ~

I will be touching on a few basic types of links you should be doing for best SEO results. Links are important because it is making connections. When things are connected, it aids in understanding and further reading on the subject.

Here I will discuss 3 types of links:

Internal links

Internal links are like the different corridors, passage ways, doors and windows within your website. Open the door (link) and you find yourself in another room. When you have a lot of related content located in different pages, make sure to at least link some of them together.

Having a few related pages inter-linking with one another is better for SEO, as compared to tons of single, standalone pages without any linking. Having more pages on 1 topic shows development of the subject and thus, more authority.

External links

Wikipedia is one of the sites I used more often. This is a neutral, authority site which is trusted by almost anybody, so linking to it makes your website more reliable too and it shows that you have done some research.

By providing external links to useful websites, you are providing readers with the ease of visiting that website without them having to search for it. You are providing a service here but make sure your links are relevant and helpful.


In the past, backlinks are a big thing. Website owners try to get other sites to link to them, and increase traffic in the process. When many sites are linked to yours, you are likely to get more traffic.

There are several ways to get backlinks which I won’t go into here. However, during my research for this post, I came across this article about backlinks hurting your site, so now I only recommend natural backlinks.

6. Get Social

~ Announce to your circle of friends ~

Social media is the hype these days. Pictures, videos and the most updated news are constantly being shared within and across the major social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and don’t forget Google Plus.

The same goes for your website, share your blog posts regularly and you will widen your influence and get exposure. Of course different social media will have different strategies for increasing influence but that will be covered in another topic.

Besides increasing your influence, social sharing also has another advantage. Know what it is? Yes, you guessed it! It’s SEO all the way! Google loves Youtube and Twitter (members of the same family), so constantly being active on these 3 platforms will shoot up your ranking.

Let’s get social now, click on the icons below to link with me!




7. Engage & Interact

~ Hey! I’m for real ~

♥  Don’t you appreciate comments and feedback on your work?

♥  Don’t you like to ask questions and get some answers?

♥  Don’t you just love engagement with your visitors and have great conversations with them?

If you like all of the above, get it going on your website. Conversations lead to activity, just like a tennis match too and fro and Google loves activity (I repeat that, Google LOVES activity). Need I say more?

If you have enjoyed the above 7 tools or have others to add on, do implement No. 7 right now and leave me some comments. I always reply back!

Get more tips on SEO, join Wealthy Affiliate!

Google and Keywords – Break the Code and Rank Higher!

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Google and Keywords are like members of the same family. Google is like the house and keywords are the keys to the different rooms within the house.


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What Does Keywords Mean To Google?

We all know that Google is a search engine, and we mainly use Google to find information. That is where keywords come into place.

We input keywords into the Google search bar and it will display tons of relevant (sometimes irrelevant) information for us to view.

This is similar to checking up a word in the dictionary, we have a word (keyword) and flip it to the relevant page.

The dictionary would then give us the meaning of the word, sometimes with related phrases as well as examples of sentences.

The process of searching for information on Google is much the same, the difference is, Google’s database is huge, Huge, HUGE!

Not only does it include words, images and videos are included as well. For example, Google Images and Youtube.

So instead of giving you the meaning of a word like what the dictionary does, it gives anything and everything.

Google is getting smarter these days and is able to make connections within a website for relevant content. So, even if you did not use a “specific keyword”, Google may still be able to pull out content based on the relevance of a website.

However, keywords will still form the backbone of Google’s database, therefore, for a website to rank well, doing keyword research is absolutely important!

Free Online Keyword Research – Try it out now!


What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Have you heard of this term and wonder what are Long tail keywords?

No, they are not a new breed of animal? Long tail keywords basically mean a keyword phrase.

For example, take the word “health”. By itself, it is a keyword, but probably nobody will simply input health and get the relevant results they are looking for.

Instead, we are more likely to key in something like “Healthy Life” or “How To Improve Health”. So, phrases like these are called long tail keywords.

How To Search For Keywords

Now that we got the definition of long tail keywords out of the way, let’s find out how to search for keywords.

Using a keyword research tool is one of the best ways to do that.

A good tool will give you all the information you need.

For example, the one I use gives me 4 important data:

1. Total no. of searches

2. Expected monthly searches

3. No. of competitive websites with the same keywords

4. Keyword suggestions

These are probably the most important information you would need to target your post.

What to do with the Keywords?

Instead of a keyword tool, you can use Google if you are more familiar with it.

Besides acting as your Personal Data Analysis Assistant, Google can also be your Virtual Assistant for keyword research as well.

Let’s jump right in and take a look.

Using the Alphabet Soup Method

See this in action here:

There is a huge amount of keyword possibilities here. Take the example of the keyword “health” above, here is a simple way to get a few more additional keywords:

I add an “a” behind and I instantly got 4 more keywords:

Adding a “b” gives me the following results.

Let’s see what we get for “c”

You can go on and on using this method and you would never run out of keywords to search for. From A to Z, you can try each and every variation. Try it out with specific words too.

Here is an excellent article on the “At Least 12 Ways to Search in Google“. Use the techniques mentioned in the article and your keyword research will be much more sophisticated.

10 Best Free Keyword Research Tools


Spark-off your keywords

By now you know how to use a keyword tool to find keywords, but what if you have run out of ideas?

Do you sometimes feel there could be more variations of the keyword but you are facing a mind-block? You feel as if you are stuck in the current concept.

Here are some suggestions to break through your mind-block:

1.    Google Trends

According to Wikipedia,

Google Trends gives you the latest and hottest topics that people are currently searching for. You can also refine your search by countries, a particular region, cities as well as languages. Leverage this to your advantage.

2.   Spark Keyword Tools 

Keyword tools that provide a wider scope are especially useful when you are stuck. I call these “Spark Keyword Tools”. These intelligent tools will spark off your ideas and give you lots of options to choose from.


This is a very cool tool. You can see from the above picture that it gives you results from 6 different sources: Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Answers, Youtube and Yahoo. That should spark off a lot of inspiration and ideas!

Answer the Public

Using the 6 Ws of Why, When, Where, What, Who, Which and How, lots of possibilities and suggestions are provided. This is definitely useful when you have no idea what to write.

Look at the search above, just one word alone gives you 138 results.

It also has another cool feature similar to the Alphabet Soup method. Once you get your results, scroll down and you will see related results arranged alphabetically. I got 1009 results from this one!


A basic keyword tool which gives only keyword suggestions, nothing sophisticated and nothing extra. It is nowhere as helpful as my No. 1 Recommended Keyword Tool. If you would like just plain suggestions, this is a functional keyword tool to use.

The above are recommendations for background research. I hope you find these useful. If you have any queries on how to use any of the suggested tools above, feel free to leave me comments below.

How To Blog For Free and 3 Reasons Why You Should Write Blogs Every Day

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Technical knowledge is no longer needed if you want to know how to start a blog (for free blogs as well)!

It is very simple nowadays and there are only 2 things you will need to do. 

How To Blog For Free

First, you need to (1) register for a domain, then (2) get hosting for your website. Many websites do provide a 2-in-1 service and you can start a free blog instantly.

How To Blog For Free and 3 Reasons Why You Should Write Blogs Every Day

Of course you will also need some writing skills, which I will be talking about in detail below, but first, let us talk about the 3 reasons why you should write blogs every day.

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1. Practise

Can we ever get perfect at writing? I don’t think anyone would ever declare that they have reached perfection and wouldn’t ever need improvement!

Yes, we need to improve our writing skills and the only way to achieve that is to write, write, write.

When I first started my website, I had difficulty writing. I could barely come out with a 300 word post.

I asked for help and several useful tips came to me from many Wealthy Affiliate members.

Since then my articles have always exceeded 1,000 words, so let me share my knowledge here:

How to write more

A 4-step process which I follow and which has helped me to go from 300 to 1,000 words. 

1. Structure



           ♠♠ Sub-heading 1

           ♠♠ Sub-heading 2

            ♠♠ Sub-heading 3


2. Draft

I set a goal of writing 3 articles a week and at the beginning of each new week, I would write out the drafts for 3 articles.

The draft would include the headline, the general structure and the conclusion.

Usually the headline would take a longer time to draft because time is spent on keyword research.

Using an accurate and reliable keyword research tool is essential for this step because it will give you data such as:

(i) amount of searches

(ii) expected traffic

(iii) number of competing websites

3. Time

You either complete your article in 1 sitting or over several days.

Huh? Isn’t that conflicting? Actually they are not conflicting and they will complement each other, here’s how I do this.

First sitting – time myself.

I give myself a time limit of 30 minutes and just write freely without edits, without organisation, without spelling check and other distractions.

I just write and write and write.

After the 30 minutes is up, usually a substantial amount of the article would be written.

I first learnt of this technique from this article: Are you a writing machine?

You are done with the draft for one article. Do as many drafts as you are able to for many articles.

As I plan 3 articles for one week, I do 3 drafts. That will take up the 1st day of my workweek.

The beauty of having draft is this. You might stop work in front of the PC but your mind would not stop working.

When I have a few drafts, my mind would keep thinking about these drafts and try to inject more ideas into it and improving it.

Then the next day I would incorporate these ideas into the first drafts and then try to finish it.

4. Complete

After the above 3 steps, we are very close to completing the article.

The last things I need to do is write the conclusion and then source for relevant images.

Following these 4 steps would not only ensure you write more, when you plan out your articles, the quality of your writing would improve as well, so that’s another perk!

Want to write blogs even more quickly? Here’s another 3-step process to help you. 

2. Build up trust

As you write more, you tend to establish authority and credibility because you need to do research and gain more knowledge.

Reading more will ensure that you know and understanding, so you can share the newly gained knowledge with your readers.

One point to note is never regurgitate what you have read by just blindly quoting from big names.

Put your own spin on it, draw your own conclusion and offer your unique take.

3. Boost your google ranking

Like your article to appear on page 1 of google? Of course! That’s the dream of every blogger!

Having more articles as well as more interlinking between your article would increase your google ranking.

Even if you only published 3 articles per week, in 3 months, you would have 36 articles and in a year, that’s 156 articles published!

Remember, always keep in motion!

When you keep going, you are unstoppable. Writing everyday will ensure your consistency in posting regularly.

The keyword here is consistency, just remember slow and steady wins the race.

You might not exactly be churning out articles every single day but keep at it, you will be writing more and at a faster speed.

Let writing blogs become a daily habit.

If you don’t write, you will itch!


So your next question would be, what do you write for your contents? Where do you get ideas from?

3 Ways to become a Highly Productive Blogger

1. Tell what you know

When you have knowledge about your area of expertise, there will never be a lack of words.

If you are currently at loss about what to write for your blog, observe yourself for the next few days.

What are you talking about to the people around? Are there any specific topics that you focus on? Do you talk more about certain things than others?

That could be your interests and your source of knowledge.

Previously, I have met some interesting people whom are able to talk about everything and about nothing at all.

I was pretty amazed at how they managed to string a lot of words together and they could go on for hours, but at the end of it, I didn’t find anything I could learn from.

In my opinion, that sort of conversation is a total failure, so when you tell something, make sure it’s of value to your readers.

2. Tell what you believe in

If you strongly believe in something, your voice would have conviction and you would be convincing.

I believe in the power of belief!

Enough said and just believe.

3. Tell what you have learnt

This year has been a special year for me.

A few months back I was still a total newbie and now I find myself building up a website and sharing my knowledge with others.

What started me off was this book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller.The One Thing by Gary Keller

In his book, he shared a concept of dominoes which is probably the most important concept and one which everyone should know and learn.

He said that a single domino is able to knock over a domino that is 50% bigger in size.

There was an experiment done where the first domino was only two inches. At the end of 8 dominoes, the last one that was knocked over was almost 3-feet tall!

That started me thinking about where my life is going and how I want it to be. That’s when I decide to take the leap and sign up for an online course.

Being an online entrepreneur has always been my dream, and for the past few years, I have been searching around for information, which got me nowhere because I didn’t take any action.

Partly it’s also because all the courses I have encountered online are terribly expensive (in the region of thousands of dollars).

I count myself fortunate that I have finally landed on an amazing community which I joined for free. (Find out what you get for free membership here)

I do pay the premium membership for it now but that’s only after months of joining and I realise the value of that. I know for a fact that the value of the training and its robust and helpful community far outweighs the amount of investment I put in. 

Get to know more about this robust community here

How To WordPress – The ABCs Of How To Build A Website With WordPress

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Using WordPress to build a website is fairly easy, even for a non-technical person (like me!), but it can be a tad confusing for beginners. so here’s an article of “How To WordPress”, where I will show you how to start using WordPress.How to wordpress


I want to share this
  • Like to build a website now? Let’s do this!

    Input your desired domain name into the box above and click “Build It Now“.

    It will only take a few minutes to have your new website created.

    Don’t be stumped when choosing domain names. Just go with what you like first. 

    Free hosting comes with this too, so just go ahead and input something above.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important for your website to rank on google. It will be the way to get organic visitors to your site.

    That means the visitors click in to your site the natural way, by searching for something on the internet, and your page attracts enough for them to click in.

    This is opposed to paid advertisements where you pay to get visitors, but more on this later. Let’s focus now on getting the settings right.

    It is a good practice to get your website ready for SEO as you build it, so here’s a video showing how make your website optimised for SEO, right from the beginning.

    Getting your website ready for SEO

  • When you first have a website created, you will probably have lots of ideas about it. Now is the best time to do some planning.

    Where on your website do you want your visitors to go? I’m talking about the main framework of your website.

    Generally we would see about 5-6 items on the main menu. Let’s take apple as an example:

    Apple's homepage

    Here’s an example from Wealthy Affiliate:

    Wealthy Affiliate's homepage

    They both have 7 items on their menu.

    Wikipedia has a slightly different format, besides a main menu, it has a sub-menu:

    Wikipedia homepage

Want to build a website like this?

  • When you login, you will be taken inside the Dashboard, here’s how it looks like:

    1. Click on “PagesAdd a new page in Wordpress

    2. Click “Add New

    3. Enter the Page Title

    4. Hit the “Publish” button on the top right

    5. Repeat the above for each new page you create

    At this point, you may only have 3 items:

    1. Home 2. Products 3. About Me

    That’s fine, pages will be added on as you build up your website.

  • What are Pages?

    Pages generally contain the evergreen contents of your website. Sometimes we call these the pillar articles.

    These are information which would always be applicable and are not changed often.

    Pages are usually reflected in your main menu.

    What are Posts?

    As opposed to pages, posts are usually time-sensitive articles which could contain some information which are current and up-to-date.

    Posts would go to your blogroll, so if you set your homepage to show your blogroll, every time a visitor visits your site, they will see the latest article you have posted.

    You create new posts much the same way as you create pages, but first you need to create a separate page for them. I simply call my page “Blog”.

    After you have created this “Blog” page, tell wordpress where to find your articles by going to Settings > Reading Settings

    Setting the blogroll

  • Now you have created your first 3 pages, but when you click on your website, the menu may or may not show up.

    To add your pages to your menu,

    1. Click “Appearance”, then “Menu”

    2. Click “Create New Menu” and give it a name.

    3. Add your pages in to the right side, and click save.Create and save your menu

    You can customise the menu by including widgets, individual posts, or categories, just click on the relevant items and then drag them to the right side.

    This will create variety as well as extra items for your menu, just keep them properly organised so you don’t confuse your visitors.

  • Is your homepage going to show a welcome page? Visitors will always see the same things every time they visit.

    Or do you want your visitors to get fresh content every time they come in? If so, you would want to set your blogroll as your homepage instead.

    Change the settings here.

    Setting your homepage

    You can set one or the other, as you can change this easily.

    You might find that as you develop your website, the direction of your contents may change and you might want to do different things with it.

Want to build a website like this?

  • Before changing any theme, it would be advisable to always back up your website. The next section covers how to do a backup easily.

    Before the theme change

    There could be drastic changes after you change a theme and if you don’t like it, you could always restore the former version from your backup.

    Point to note: Comments that came in after the backup will be lost if you restore a former version.

    So decide as soon as possible after the theme change whether you want to keep it. Losing comments are painful 🙁

    Changing your theme

    Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes

    You can choose from the thousands of free themes available or upload some other which you may have bought or downloaded from elsewhere. Just click “Upload theme” on the top.

    It might take some exploration and changes before you find the theme that works for you, get some ideas here on choosing your perfect theme.

  • Go to Dashboard > Tools > Export

    Backup your website

    This is a quick way to easily backup your site.

    * Note: 

    1. Website backups are recommended to be done on a weekly basis

    2. If your website is hosted at Wealthy Affiliate, full backups are done on a daily basis.

  • The settings for your website is like a template, so setting it right from the beginning saves you the trouble of having to adjust each and every time you publish a page or post.

    Below, I will be going through the 5 important settings that you need to adjust.

    General, Writing, Reading Settings

    Set your settings right

    These will the very first basic settings you will set up for your website.

    Next, what if you want to have interaction and conversations with your visitors, allow them to ask questions or give feedback, as well as to increase the engagement of your website?

    This is where you set it.

    Discussion Settings

    allow for comments on your website

    If you don’t want to enable this feature for all your pages and posts and want this only for selective posts, you would want to do this.

    Quick way to allow for comments on individual pages/posts

    Quick way to allow comments

    There is one more important setting which you want to adjust.

    When posting new articles, do you want your url to look like this:

    1. https://mydomain.com/?inf_key=ecae0d3f1e030fb8aba324d8f8d8


    2. https://mydomain.com/learn-wordpress

    The 2nd one definitely looks better and more professional right?

    In order to achieve this, you need to set it like this.

    Permalink Settings

    permalink settingsNow your website is all set. Next I will be touching on plugins, and some of the important ones you would want to install.

  • What are Plugins

    As an open source program, Wordpress has more than 50,000 plugins. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong,

    Wordpress has >50,000 plugins

    They are simply additional tools installed on your Wordpress website to enable certain functions, something like an mobile phone app but slightly more complex.

    Therefore, what kind of plugins you install depends on what kind of function you are looking for and what do you want to achieve.

    One thing to note, the more plugins you have, the slower your site is going to be, so go minimalist on plugins.

    Recommended plugins

    When you first install a wordpress site, the only plugin I recommend is the All-in-one SEO plugin. Remember I mentioned right at the top that you want to do SEO as soon as you set up your website?

    Having this plugin first would take care of this area for you.

    Within the All-in-one SEO plugin, you will be connecting your Google Webmaster Tools (also known as Google Search Console), your Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools and others.

    Other recommended plugins:

    Pretty link – To shorten links and really make them “pretty”.

    TinyMCE advanced – For editing articles, for example, change of font size, font color, underline, bold, etc.

    Ultimate social media Plus – This is a plugin for you to share your website contents on social media.

    Also check out the Top 10 Best Wordpress Plugins here:

    Of course these plugins are entirely optional and there are many other good ones within Wordpress. Feel free to explore and make your choice.

    Know of some other good ones? Leave me a recommendation below, I would appreciate it.

    Installing plugins

    How to install a Wordpress pluginAfter you have found the plugin you want, click install, then activate.

    You can also upload plugins you have downloaded from other sources.

That concludes my Wordpress training for the time being. Of course there are other functions and tips which are not covered here.

Over time I will be adding more training here, so do check back from time to time for updates.

Thanks for reading and if there is any particular area you would like to know, please let me know in the comments below.

Want to build a website like this?

How To Start An Online Business For Free and Not Get Scammed Along The Way

I want to share this
I want to share this

So you want to know how to start an online business for free? Note here, the keyword is for free.

Before I share with you about starting a legitimate online business which really works, let me first explain a bit more about scams.

What are scams and how do they work?

If you get something for free, you are unlikely to get scammed right?


When there are freebies thrown in, there might be a catch somewhere.

Sometimes the Free Stuff is the bait for the Bigger Scam behind


For eg, the free stuff can be a low-value product which main aim is to lure you into their scam.

The thing about scams is, sometimes they sound legitimate and they show proofs and testimonials, so it’s difficult to identify them.

Types of scams

1. Free products. A low-quality product is offered for free. In exchange, they offer some expensive course guaranteed to give you 300% returns

I want my freebies

2. Money-Back Guarantees. When you see the “money back guarantee” wording, do you feel more assured and likely to sign up for something?

This seems to give you a choice to opt out later.

There are two mechanisms at work here, take note of the “it takes more effort to opt-out” mentality and “guarantees may not be guaranteed”, but more on these later.

3. No-use schemes. You have paid money and the system didn’t work – I have seen this in many MLM schemes or other similar Ponzi schemes.

These may come attached with stiff terms and conditions which once you fail to adhere to, the scheme fails.

4. Legitimate systems. Yes, there are real legitimate systems that really work out there but some are priced at a very high price. An average person could not possibly afford it.

If you find yourself paying through your nose for the membership course and in the end, your earnings do not justify the cost, you would probably classify that as a different type of scam.

Well, maybe not exactly a scam but essentially you are supporting the owners of that particular program and not making earnings for yourself. ie, the profits do not justify the effort you put it.

You probably guess that I’m talking about upsells.

You sign up to a program, then you need another program to complement it and then another and another and another, until you have spent thousands on a single program before you start.

Is this a good start?

Definitely not.

Does something sound too good to be true? Then it probably is too good to be true. Scams can sound so convincing that people just could not help falling for it.

Scam or not, decide for yourself.

I once did an extensive research on this high profile website and found it very likely to be a scam, read my review here.

Is this a scam? Let me know your verdict in the comments below

Now, if you have been scammed before, don’t despair. Sometimes it’s a good thing to fall into a pit, because the next time round you are more likely to recognise another pit and you know how to get yourself out of it.

So, if you have been scammed before, great, that made you a wiser person, and if you learnt your lesson and do a thorough research the next time, you are unlikely to be scammed a second time.

So let’s avoid scams at all costs!

I treat all these as stepping stones towards my ultimate goal = break the online marketing code and finally become a successful online entrepreneur.

Now I believe that you reap what you sow, so whatever effort you put in, the end results should be proportionate.

A Legit Business Opportunity

I consider myself fortunate that this year I came across a legit business opportunity. At first, I was skeptical and went around looking for reviews in the internet.

It was quite unbelievable that there are very little negative reviews and lots of positive ones.

On closer look, I saw there are two membership options and I thought, oh no, is this another scam? Take a look for yourself below and see what you think.

I took a long time examining this pricing table and what make me sign up was the fact that Starter Membership is for free.

In fact, initially I thought it was only free for 7 days and I waited until I’m sure I have a full 7 days to commit before I sign up.

It was only when I was inside the program that I know actually the Starter Membership is free forever.

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is forever free.

More about the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership here

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership worth it? Read here

The 7-day limitation applies to certain premium features which you have access to for the first 7 days, so you can experience what Live Chat is about and try out the 1-on-1 coaching.

Now this tells a lot about a program, if it’s willing to let you try the premium features for free for 7 days and offers free membership forever, it shows confidence.

(Yes, you can try out premium features for 7 full days, that is quite a lot of time for you to find out information and do further research. Also, you can access Live Chat and ask what premium members think about the program.)

* Live Chat – real time interactions with members currently log on and active in Chat *

What happens after the 7 days?

As I mentioned above, you can remain a free member for as long as you want. You just won’t have access to the Live Chat and Private Messaging (direct messages into members’ inbox) and some of the training courses.

You will still have access to many of the available courses open to free members.

Point to note: as a free member, you can still join its affiliate program and earn commission, check out a sample of possible earnings here.

This is a program where you will see results if you will pot of gold at the end of the rainbowtake the time and effort to learn everything about building an online business.

Follow through with the courses, and you will find the gold at the end of the rainbow.


How Do You Actually Start An Online Business?

This is what Wealthy Affiliate will be teaching you about. It provides you with all the knowledge you need to know about website building as well as the necessary tools to help you along the way.

A scam cannot become a scam if you don’t pay it money right? Why not take the leap and try this out now. 

Other than the premium membership (which is worth paying for by the way), it will never ask you to pay money for anything else.

Top 10 Ways How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

I want to share this

Feeling stressed out and can’t focus on what you are doing? Here are some recommendations on dealing with stress.

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

I want to share this

1. Fulfill your basic needs

♦   Woke up several times at night to feed your newborn?

♦   Studying late at night for your exams?

♦   Overtime again at your company?

When your body is tired or deprived of sleep, you will be quite stressed out, more often than not.

You can easily deal with this by taking a power nap when you are able to.

Take a nap, anytime, anywhere when you are too stressed
Take a nap, anytime, anywhere when you are too stressed

Next comes a story of what I did once when I was really dead beat.

Normally I wouldn’t really recommend you doing what I did but at that time, it was extreme for me and extreme situations call for extreme measures.

On that particular day, I was very tired and I was practically asleep and drooling on my desk (at work)!

After much yawning, blinking, even lightly slapping myself, I couldn’t make myself stay awake, so I went to the washroom and took a 10mins nap. Right on the toilet seat! After that I was very much refreshed. 🙂

Have you ever tried that?

Hunger and sleep deprivation also make us short-tempered, so eat and sleep as much as you can. Fulfill those basic needs and you can reduce some of your stress.

Useful sleeping aids

2. Engage in creative activities

When we feel overwhelmed by the things we need to do, it can be very stressful just thinking about the tasks ahead of us.  

You can deal with this by making a list and then handle the tasks as they come. If after this, you are still worrying about it, then it’s time to give our left brain some rest and let our right brain shine.

Give your left brain a break!

I find that when I am stressed out due to worries and nasty recollections in my thinking, doing something creative helps.

 Creative activities to try:

♥   Drawing

Ever since I saw how beautiful pencil drawings are and how easy it is to just let it go and draw freely, drawing has become my new craze.

Drawing of Abbatiale de Conques
Sample of my drawing

Some interesting things to draw:

Special architectural buildings – my personal preference as I find them interesting and easy to outline

Celebrities – you can easily find pictures of them and it feels great if you can do a caricature or a portrait with likeness to your favourite star

Abstract art and become the next Picasso – you have the freedom to express yourself in any way.

You can explore with different materials, even creating art with different body parts like fingers or knuckles.

Random objects like tissue paper, strings, or other odd bits and pieces around your house work fine too.

The key point here is creativity and the freedom to express yourself in any way you like. Just let yourself go!

♥   Singing

I used to freak out every time I have to do housework. With an active young boy at home, and looking at the tons of unfinished tasks facing me every day gives me a lot of stress.

That was in the past. Ever since I start to sing everywhere around the house, in the shower, when I’m cooking, doing the dishes, house cleaning, these have become enjoy times for me.

♥   Writing

People used to keep diaries, now they write blogs. If you love writing and penning down your thoughts, how about trying to write stories or start a blog?

These are ways to get your creative juices flowing and put some of your worries to rest.

Engaging in creative activities is a nice way of de-stressing.

3. Build things

Working with your hands and building things always give us a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Seeing something take shape and finally into a completed product is so satisfying.

Here are some suggestions for things to build:

Airplane models:

airplane models kit to build

LEGO – an all time favorite:

lego - an all-time favorite


Make your own photoframe, cards, magnets, finger puppets, and more, get some ideas here

Build a website

Like my website? Learn how to create one for free here

4. Exercise/ sports

After exercising you will feel happier, that is because our body will release endorphins which are “happy chemicals”, giving you a positive feeling.

Exercises that do not need equipment: yoga, pilates, taichi, jogging, swimming

Exercises to be used with equipment: cycling, ball games or you could try to build a home gym

5. Take up a new hobby

Learning something new engages your mind, so it will focus on the new hobby and reduce your stress level.

It gives your mind something else to think about besides your current worry and you get new knowledge!

Try engaging hobbies like gardening, cooking, dancing, public speaking.

6. Brew a cuppa for family and friends

Do you enjoy having a cup of coffee in the morning? Have you tried making your own brew at home? Get a coffeemaker and become a self-made barista.

Brew your own coffee at home

8. Entertainment Time

Go for movies or a night out with friends, check out the local exhibitions or special performances.

Doing something that is not your routine will help reduce the stress level. Our mind needs to be charged from time to time, just like a battery.

ballet performance

9. Travel

Sightseeing will always be a good choice for de-stressing. If you can’t afford the time to go overseas, why not sign up for a local tour? See your city from a different viewpoint and you might find something interesting.

travel light travel right

Of course, if you have the leisure to do so, travelling to another country is always fun. Just make sure to do your homework well, and be prepared for your trip.

10. Pamper yourself

How long has it been since you last pamper yourself?

Go for an hour-long massage, book a spa or perhaps an aromatherapy session.


Go shopping and get that item you have been eyeing for so long.

cool electronics to own

Go crazy and indulge in your own fantasy (within legal limits)!

Related articles:

Overcome your fears and live out your potential

Top 10 tips for staying motivated

Does the above work for you or would you like to share some of your own favourite de-stressing methods? Do leave me comments below.

What is the Google Webmaster Tools?

I want to share this

Confused about what is the Google Webmaster Tools?

Not sure how to set it up? How to use it? New to building websites? New to online marketing?

I want to share this

If you find yourself asking the following questions:

 Am I getting visitors?

  Where are they from?

  What keywords did they search that landed them on my website?

  Are they using desktops or laptops to view my website?

 What’s my ranking position on Google?

Then now’s the perfect time to learn about Google Webmaster Tools!

What is the Google Webmaster Tools

I will be sharing with you all these information below. Topics covered include:

  1. What is the Google Webmaster Tools?
  2. How to set up Webmaster Tools?
  3. How to use Google Webmaster Tools
  4. How to link Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics
  5. Video training on the above

Lots of ground to cover here, so let’s dive straight in.

What is the Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT), also known as Google Search Console (GSC), is a free service tool provided by Google for website owners to check on certain data as well as detect errors.

You are presented with precise information on your website and details on errors.

What Google Webmaster Tools does is to collate data from your website, then you are presented with 2 types of information:

(1) Information about your website and (2) Information about your visitors

Besides GWT, the other major search engine, Bing, also has its own webmasters tools.

Close to 2/3 of the world’s internet users use Google to do their searches and about 1/3 uses Yahoo and Bing.

Of course, there are several other search engines, but this article mainly covers Google Webmaster Tools.

In summary, Webmaster Tools is the direct communication between your website and major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Google - your personal data analysis assistant

So, GWT is like your personal Data Analysis Assistant!

There are 3 main types of information you can obtain from Webmaster Tools:

1. Search Traffic

2. Google Index

3. Crawl

Read the section on How to Use Google Webmaster Tools below.


How to set up Webmaster Tools?

1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools, input your website address (your domain name) and click add a property.

2. Verify your website

There are several ways to verify that you own the domain which you have input in step 1 above.

Any of the above ways will work but I find the easiest way is by using the Google Analytics method.

Verifying your website using Google Analytics

1. Sign in with your google account, click “sign in” then “Analytics”, then “sign up”.

2. Create your account, input your website details and get your Tracking ID (it looks something like UA-12544274-5)

3. Within the Wordpress dashboard, key in your Google Analytics ID in your SEO plugin (I use All in One SEO), and click “update options”.

4. Lastly, go back to your Webmaster Tools, click verified and you are done.


How to use Google Webmaster Tools

1. Search Traffic (Search Analytics)

Google Webmaster Tools - Search Analytics

You get data on

(a) Clicks – how many clicks you get that take people to your website

(b) Impressions – how many people saw the link to your website but didn’t click in

(c) CTR (Click-through-rates) – percentage of A/B, percentage of people clicking into your website

(d) Position – shows the average position of your website (you can check the position for each specific page)

2. Google Index

google index

This is where you know how many of your pages are indexed by Google, that means your pages are within the Google directory.

Will people be able to find your particular article by typing in the exact URL? If that particular page is indexed, then yes.

Another way of finding out whether your pages or posts are indexed is by going to the search bar of your browser and type in “site: mydomain.com”.

Check whether you are indexed in Google

Google will then return results of all the indexed pages and posts.

3. Crawl

Under Crawl, there are a few more information which we can properly make use of.

  • Crawl errors

This is where you can see your redirects and other errors.

  • Fetch as Google

This is a useful tool to use if you want your pages to get indexed faster. Here is how to do fetch: Fetch as Google

Step 1: Input your URL (just the URL that comes after the domain name)

Step 2: Choose either Desktop or Mobile: Smartphone (my suggestion is to do both)

Step 3: Click Fetch (for updating of contents)

Tip: Click Fetch and Render if the appearance of your website has changed drastically

  • Sitemaps

Submitting a sitemap for your website is important, let me repeat that. It is important to submit a sitemap.

Think of a sitemap like a roadmap for Google, telling it where to search for your pages, your posts, your images, the corridors (internal links).

Submit your sitemap

If you already have a sitemap, just type in “sitemap.xml” in the space provided.

If not, you will need to create one first.

Creating your sitemap

I use a plugin called “Google XML sitemaps”. Once this is activated, it will appear in the dashboard, and your sitemap is created.

How to link Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics

Finding it a hassle to toggle between Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics? You can actually set up Google Analytics to get data from Google Webmaster Tools.

How To Set Up Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics

Fetch as Google

1. In your Google Analytics, click “admin” on the bottom left

2. Choose the middle tab “Property“, then click “Property settings

3. Scroll right to the bottom where you see Search Console. Click on “Adjust Search Console“.

Next, you want to scroll back up, click “Edit“, then choose the website you want to add in and click “Save“.

You will see your website show up in “Enabled views“.

See Your Webmaster Tools’ Data Reflected in Google Analytics

Go “Acquisition > Search Console”

Webmaster Tools Data in Google Analytics

You will be able to see information on:

1. Landing Pages

2. Countries

3. Devices

4. Queries

Much like what you see within Google Webmaster Tool itself. 

I hope you find this useful.

Next, video training on the above, read on.


Video training on Google Webmaster Tools and Linking With Google Analytics

All the above will be covered in this hour-long video.

1. Setting up your Google Webmaster Tools

2. How to verify your website

3. Setting up your Google Analytics

4. Sync Google Analytics and Search Console – Get data under one house

Bonus tip: What to do with errors – Troubleshooting Crawl Errors

What is the Google Webmaster Tools

Watch it now!

Other related videos:

Connect GWT with the All-in-One SEO plugin

A short video (2 mins) to show you how to quickly set up your Google Webmaster Tools in your All-in-One SEO (my recommended SEO plugin )

Connect Google Webmaster Tools with the All in One SEO plugin


Submitting your Sitemap to Google

Tell Google how to manuveur around your website, where to find your articles, your menu, your pictures and the interlinks in between.

How to Submit a sitemap to Google in GWT

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics, another useful feature for website owners. Learn how to do the initial set up here.

Set up Google Analytics in All in One SEO plugin

Enabling Security (SSL Certificates)

More security for your website, how to add HTTPS to your website.

How to get free SSL Certificates?

Enable HTTPS for your websites

High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review and Related Scams Exposed!

I want to share this

Don’t fall into any more scams! First launched in 2015, high traffic academy 2.0 created quite a hype back then and now in 2017, there are talks of high traffic academy 3.0 to be launch soon.

In my post below, I will attempt to provide some background and insight on this program and expose it for the scam it is.

All That Glitters is Not GoldIntroduction

It started way back with the Four Percent Group, which provides a training center for aspiring entreprenuers and internet marketers.

Founder: Vick Strizheus (orginally, Vitaliy Strizheus, who is from Ukraine. He was convicted for insurance theft and actually served sentence in 2009. He did try to mitigate this by explaining his behavior in this youtube video)

Why is it a Scam?

To get to the core of this problem, I have done some research on him and websites that are connected to him. Here is a list (note: it may be an incomplete list)

I want to share this

fourpercent.com (website still FUNCTIONING)

The Four Percent Group

If you search for fourpercent.com, only the https version shows up. Search for the http version, you will get redirected but the domain name still seems to be reserved (looking for a comeback perhaps?)

>>> What’s the difference between http and https versions of a website

For the https version, it is functioning. If you click into products > marketplace to see, there are lots of training program listed.

Now there are several programs under their “Best Selling Products”, and there are some free items listed which get people excited. Here’s sample of some of the prices:

– Get Response Starter Guide (PDF) – Free

– Click Funnels Starter Guide (PDF) – Free

Next, I check out their premium items, prices ranging from $49.00 to $1,997.00.

Look closer and I found that ALL of them are OUT OF STOCK!

For the life of me, I couldn’t fathom how pdf products can be out of stock.

Then I realized it’s a way of increasing the hype, giving people the misconception that they are very popular. A misconception which I will explain further below.

Being out-of-stock is actually good news for people who landed on this website, as they won’t get duped into buying.

But the bad news is, because many people know about the Four Percent Group being a scam and know to steer clear of them, the people behind it just went on and set up their websites under different domain names and different programs.

After more research, I found out these are not really out-of-stock, they have just repackaged it and marketed these products in a different place. More information below.

So now we are on the tip of the iceberg, I will be showing you more names and training programs to avoid, read on…

Don't be attracted to HYPE, Join a Legitimate Community

7figuremarketingschool.com (website TAKEN DOWN)

7 Figure Marketing School

There was an official “run away” complaint against this website in ripoffreport. Read this complaint from a person who signed up to the program in 2010.

Another person posted this question in the forums (check out the useful and interesting answers):

Is there any evidence that 7 figure marketing school is a scam?

This forum here shows many people promoting this program, they actually stated how they made money from the program. What I find interesting is that, when I click on the websites of these people promoting it, most of them are gone.

If you continue to read the replies below from the forum, there is major evidence that this is a scam!

Well, this was 7 years ago, but the trail goes on…



globalsuccessclub.com (DOMAIN AVAILALE FOR PURCHASE $2195)

Global Success Club

This program created a lot of hype on launching, from 2009 to 2014, there were still people talking about it and also promoting it.

Found this review on Vick Strizheus in one of the promoting websites for Global Success Club:

vick strizheus scamP.s People are still commenting on the post last year in mid 2016, but judging from their reactions, people have gotten wiser to the fact that all these programs marketed based on a lot of hype.

They are just what they are, a hype! You probably won’t get much value from them and maybe only after you have forked out thousands of hard earned dollars.

bigideamastermind.com (website TAKEN DOWN)

Although the website is defunct now, it has morphed into a different site at bigideamastermindtoday.com, where Vick welcomes you to join him to become rich by earning a monthly income of $5,000 or more “from your home or your favorite beach”. (Nice imagery and an instant win!)

To increase the idea of scarcity, he claims that “seats are limited”. It is indeed limited as the link is gone!

scamxposer exposed the scam in details.



hightrafficacademy.com (FUNCTIONING)

High Traffic Academy

Let’s get to the meat of the review.

This website has been re-designed for success as it is attractive and used many powerful words for their programs.

Many of the programs are repackaged from the fourpercent website as I said above.

Now this website is marketing their core training ($1997.00 for 1 year)

A four-steps program is listed – Mastery, Traffic, Conversion, Advanced

Some of the training programs include:

– 7 Figure Blueprint

– Creating Your Capture Machine

– Data Secrets

– Facebook, Video, Twitter, PPC traffic

Don’t they sound alluring? (I felt like signing up immediately)

High Traffic Academy 2.0 – Project Breakthrough

This is marketed under video seminars which took place in 2015.

Cost: 197.00 (unclear whether it’s per video or for all of them)

I have to admit that I did not purchase and watch the video so I can’t say whether they will be useful.

One thing that puts me off this website is the lack of transparency.

Each module is listed out clearly but they are unclear on the prices. Is it an individual price, package price or what?

If I do decide to sign up, I have no idea what I will be getting.  

There is no information on how the content will be delivered, no contact information and most of the links lead me to a login page.

One thing to note, there is no mention of the trainer, no contact person, no introduction of a website owner. Vick is not mentioned anywhere (except for the training program named Traffic Mastery)

vick-strizheus.com (MAKING A COMEBACK IN 2017)

High Traffic Academy 3.0

Recently there are talks of the 3.0 version (RUNNING IN FULL BLAST IN 2017), and this is the newest website I have found.

This was set up in mid 2016.

He is marketing this through Youtube and Facebook and is giving out tips with about 80 posts written so far (as at May 2017).


Avoid SCAMS like the plague but be Equipped with the knowledge

to identify the Legitimate Programs”



Don't fall into any more Scams!

Ways to avoid scams

I guess the only way to avoid scams is to be careful of pulling your wallet out. Make sure to do background research thoroughly.

If you can, get a free trial of any products you are interested in. If people are willing to give free trials, that shows confidence in their products and less likely to be a scam. 

So after all these research, I personally would be wary of this guy called Vick Strizheus and anything related to him, but let’s hear your views.

Have any of you signed up for any of the programs? Have you learnt anything or made any money from it?

Or would you like to help others avoid scams by adding on to the list?

Would love to have your comments below.